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The Fighting 36th: A Pictorial History by the Turner Publishing Company

"In World War II, in nineteen months of combat, in five major campaigns, and in two amphibious assaults, the 36th Infantry Division had expended the maximum in heroism and hardship. The 36th is proud of its 175,806 enemy soldiers captured, its 15 Congressional Medals of Honor, its 10 Presidential Unit Citations, and numerous other battle awards. At the same time its casualty list, third highest of any American division, numbered 27,343, of whom 3,974 were killed, 19,052 wounded, and 4,317 missing in action."

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3,974 Men of the 36th Infantry Killed in Action
4,317 Men of the 36th Infantry Missing in Action
19,052 Men of the 36th Infantry Wounded in Action

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This Web page is a tribute to honor the members of the 36th "Texas" Infantry Division. Many of these men made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America during World War II. This Web page tribute honors those who were Killed in Action, Missing in Action, Wounded in Action, as well as their fellow comrades who survived and returned home to their families and friends.

My sole intention for publishing this brief Web page is to honor the members of the 36th Infantry Division for their meritorious service during World War II. If I have offended anyone, or if anyone objects to this Web page tribute, please contact me at my E-mail address below.

Thank you.

Kurt A. Dold

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Click here for the tribute to my Dad, Lt. William Dold Jr.

Awarded the Silver Star for action at the Rapido River Crossing
36th Infantry Division, Texas Division
111th Combat Engineers
Company "A"

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